About Us

HowTheyDoIt.tv is an online unit of Bizgnus Inc., a California corporation that reports, writes, edits and publishes business news in online, broadcast and print publications.

We paid no one to appear in these videos and no one paid us to have a story about them or their business produced. No one in our videos is going to try to sell you anything. We think that helps ensure that the information you get from watching these videos is as unbiased as possible. The business owners, of course, are asked to share their experiences and “how they did it” so viewers will benefit from their experiences. Those are their opinions and not necessarily those of Bizgnus Inc. or its websites.

About our name

Enough people have asked about our corporate name (Bizgnus, Inc.) and the e-mail addresses that we thought we should explain. It’s pronounced “biz-nooz.” The “gnus” in the name is the plural of gnu, an African antelope, and is pronounced “nooz.”  Yes, the word “biznews” was taken when we looked for a domain name nearly a decade ago. Snooz and you get gnus.