How It Works

We charge you to watch our HowTheyDoIt videos. That’s how we make our money. All payments are handled by Vimeo LLC, our video platform, which accepts all credit cards and PayPal. The charges are per view and do not permit downloading or sharing. There is no charge to join Vimeo’s basic service and it’s not required to watch our videos, but it is a great site if you’re not already familiar with it.

Your time is valuable so you should know that most videos are under ten minutes in length. Some especially short videos have a lower price than the normal rental fee of $2.99 and the few that are exceptionally longer have a higher price tag.

As of March 15, we are still working out little hitches in the git-along as they say here in the West, so if you hit a stumbling block, send us a note or call us to we can fix it.