The unusual franchise

Watch the videoDivorcing yourself from failure and finding success

This Sacramento entrepreneur heads a franchise that deals with… divorce.  Watch what makes this different from other franchises and how she does it.

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Selling against the big guys

If you’re setting out to sell something that Wal-Mart has a lot of, how would you do it? Singh Bhinder has found the secret: A franchise that occupies an unusual niche that’s finding growing demand.

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Is a fast food franchise for you?

BlimpieThere are pluses and minuses, as you’ll see in this report about a smaller food franchise.

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How to succeed as a new car dealer

Paul UmdenstockPaul Umdenstock talks about founding Big Valley Ford and how it has been successful over 30 years even as competitors failed.

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Oil and lube franchises

Watch this videoSetting up an automotive oil change shop is relatively easy. But then it gets tougher fast: environmental laws, intense competition, a rapidly changing industry, just to name a few examples.  But this company has been successful despite the hurdles. Here’s How They Do It.

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Delivery business franchise

Watch this videoThe everyday delivery of a package. Behind this seemingly simple act can be the American Dream.

For Kevin Quin and his business partner Anas Benyazed, the American dream is being reached through a FedEx home delivery franchise.

See how they’ve achieved success from a humble start.

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Reviving an existing franchise

kramerHow Barney Kramer rebuilt a failed franchise into a strong independent business. This special-length report includes tips from family business expert Peter Johnson on what to look for when buying a small business: Why you might want to drive by at night — and more.

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Becoming a franchisor

calm_computingThis Sacramento entrepreneur now franchising his methods of bringing “computer calm” to homes and small businesses.

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